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The Longstreet Society is focusing its efforts on restoring General Longstreet's old Piedmont Hotel, caring for his grave site and on educational projects. These projects include seminars, tours, other presentations and a very informative newsletter. Funding for these endeavors come from membership dollars, donations and LS merchandise sales.

General Longstreet served with the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia from Manassas to Appomattox, with the exception of several months in 1864 when he was recovering from a severe wound he received in the Battle of the Wilderness.

Shortly after taking command of the army in 1862, General Robert E. Lee entrusted Longstreet with the command of most of the army's troops. For the duration of the war, Longstreet served with distinction as the army's senior corps commander and was friend and confidante to Gen. Lee, who referred to him as "my old war horse." Many military experts consider the command combination of Lee, Longstreet, Stonewall Jackson and J. E. B. Stuart to be the finest ever assembled on the field of battle.
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