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The Gainesville Music Club

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The Gainesville Music club's objectives are to encourage the performance of music of American composers as well as others. We do this by hosting an annual Junior Festival with hundreds of students participating in piano, voice, string playing, and even theory.  Scholarships are awarded for study at musical camps and points are accumulated for gold cup awards. The final winners perform in a scholarship concert.  Music teachers may also receive funds from the club to attend workshops in their areas of expertise.  The club also promotes attendance at musical events throughout the area.

Our organization is divided into two segments, the North Gainesville Club and the South Gainesville Club.  Wendy Baker is the president of both organizations. The club has three to four meetings a year, usually commencing in the Fall with a meeting and performance by area musical talent.  Admittance to the group is open to anyone who has a love and desire for the advancement of music.  There is an annual membership fee.

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